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Thread: My Find and My New Friends.

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    The whole lot was accompanied by a letter that was appropriately entitled "KENNER'S" describing the work that he did at Kenner and the story behind the pieces that I had purchased. The experience was amazing. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it. I'm still going through everything and will be offering up a lot of my find (doubles..etc) here on RS in the near future. Thanks for reading.
    People who worked at Kenner -- and even people who live in Cincinnati -- tend to call the company "Kenner's" for some reason.
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    Congrats Gary another awesome find. I didn't think you could possibly better the first one but you did!
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    Another sweet score!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    A true Star Wars success story!!! Congrats.

    Sounds like you were also able to help him get through a tough time with his wife's health.
    A great story all around and a testament to hard work and good old fashioned "collector's karma"!
    Best part is, you got to share it with your Dad!!!
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    What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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    Unreal story! Congrats on the score and kudos to you being there for the guy! Sounds like it was a good start to a long-lasting friendship.

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    Wow - amazing find! Congrats! And those are some very valuable 3 packs in the lot!

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    Dude, you gotta tell us what you paid for the lot...I think I speak for everyone when I say it's killing me not to know.
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    Great story and from what I saw from the Plastic Galaxy docu those guys do love to talk Kenner. Nice score of items to say the least. Care to share a list of what items were pre-prod / EP in time? Just out of interest (heck, show us better pictures when you can). Also smart you contacted others with experience contacting former employees, very smart.


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    that is an epic haul, well done on so many levels!
    *Pray. For. Mo-Jo.*

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