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Thread: My Find and My New Friends.

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    Woooooooo Hoooooooo buddy : ) Glad I could be there for you during the process : )
    Also glad you included your father in this trip and that you made a new, life long, friend in the former Kenner employee. GREAT story my friend.
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    Great story, and WOW!! Congrats dude!!!

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    Congratulations on your new friendship and bonding with your dad , those are priceless moments and more valuable than the lot that you purchase, thank you for sharing your story and please don't forget to document all of them, preservation and keeping records is very important, maybe you want to contribute and summit them to The Star Wars Collectors Archive so you can be part of the "inner circle" .
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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_roscoe View Post
    I am in Ohio and while I hesitate to ask where it was for fear that it was in my backyard, I might as well ask......
    Lol Ross I too am happy for greedodidntshoot, but at the same time ashamed to see this was under our noses here in the Buckeye State!
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    Awesome story man and an equally awesome find. Congrats again. Grant.
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    Wow, it's not often that I get jealous, but yeah, I'm jealous.... especially since I'm guessing this was literally in my backyard. Amazing. I have no idea how you found this guy, but kudos.
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    Sweet score, dude. Congrats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greedodidntshoot View Post
    Basically it's an EP I guess. Was a sample prior to printing graphics on it. The interior insert that was produce with pictures of figures is also white in this example.
    Yeah, that'd be an EP. I think Gus has a C-3PO like that.
    Ron Salvatore (
    The Star Wars Collectors Archive

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