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Thread: Pics of you with Celebrities

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyfd View Post
    I rather get 10 autographs than the selfies. LOL. It's when I run out of photos I go for the photo.
    LOL, fair enough.

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    This is the only one I have handy.

    January 1990. I was meeting people before I was a month old.

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    I would post some of mine but they don't compare to Ant's..great stuff man
    Always looking for Indiana Jones autographs. Drop me a PM if you have anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClintonMills View Post
    I would post some of mine but they don't compare to Ant's..great stuff man
    Aw, I don't know, I think your picture with John Williams rates pretty highly.

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    Great photos guys ! Here's a few of mine .

    Femi Taylor and Barrie Holland

    Tim Rose

    Nick Joseph and John Simpkin

    Alan Flyng, Pam Rose, Lindsay and Brian Muir and my wife Stephanie English

    Barrie Holland and Dave Prowse

    Barrie Holland

    Brian and Lindsay Muir and my wife

    Barrie Holland, John Coppinger, Derek Lyons, Simon J. Williamson, Garrick Hagon, Dave Prowse, Paul Blake, Stephanie English, Ian Liston, Neil Livesey and Anthony Forrest

    Alan Harris and Brian Muir

    Paul Markham, Ken Coombs, Stephanie English, Alan Flyng, Pam Rose and Richard LeParmentier .

    Lindsay and Brian Muir

    Colin Firth . These photos were taken by the paparazzi . I worked for almost 2 weeks back in October on a film called The Secret Service at a small church in Deepcut, England and we were taking a break on the first day of filming . That's me behind Colin Firth exiting the church .

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    Awesome pics! And, I'm sure, great memories.
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    At Klye Gass of Tenacious D's house


    Im a big guy 6'4 and overweight but felt small next to Hordor

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    I like the selfies in public ..the ones with the chessy backgrounds are terrible.


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    Now that I'm home and have access:

    Barenaked Ladies (November 2010)

    Walter Jones (November 2013)

    David Yost (November 2013)

    Catherine Sutherland (November 2013)

    Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy (November 2013)

    Danny Glover (November 2013)

    Steve Cardenas (November 2013)

    Ian McDiarmid (August 2013)

    Jeremy Bulloch (June 2013)

    Larry Williams (June 2013)

    Jason David Frank (June 2013)

    Sara Bareilles and Garrison Starr (July 2012)
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    Ever heard of the Tip O' Texas....seriously, there

    Undertaker!! AWESOME! So freakin' cool…thanks for sharing.

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