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Thread: Star Wars Hotwheels

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    Star Wars Hotwheels

    Hello all,

    Let me know if I'm late to the party on this, but has anyone else spotted this news ?

    Jedi Temple Archives News: Mattel To Pick Up Star Wars License For Hot Wheels?

    Could this mean SW ships on the scale of HW's recent BSG and JJ-Prise releases ? That'll a lot of people here very happy

    formerly Boris :shame:

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    curse my hurried posting
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Interesting rumor, I'd buy some titanium style rebels ships from hw for sure, assuming I could find them with all the hw scalpers that exist. Still havent seen the hw cylon raider...

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    Cool. If it means we get some mini ships we haven't had before, awesome. I am a little leery though, seeing what they have done, or failed to do, so far, with Star Trek. So much potential, but the follow through has kinda fizzled.

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    Cheers for the news, Boris! Very interesting, sounds like it's more than just a rumour.

    Yeah guys, HW's stuff is a nightmare to acquire due to the excessive scalping... and their toolings/paint can be kinda meh... but I'd love to see the return of a Titanium-style line, especially at a $5 (or less) pricepoint. I'd love to see some "1/50 scale" capital ships, too.
    Wonder if this line will tie into Rebels? It'd be awesome to get all the new ships and vehicles... without having to paint them.

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    How nice would it be to get some Star Wars ships the same size as the Star Trek series? I'm talking the bigger ones, like the Excelsior/Kelvin/BoP/Vengeance series. A Jedi Starfighter or Republic assault Ship that size would be amazing!
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    We share the same dream DW. Although I wouldn't turn my nose up at the smaller scale, just as long as we get em in plentiful range and often
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    Right, and not just vans and pick-ups with 'cool' SW pop art on the hoods.

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    Star Wars HotWheels

    We knew Mattel picked upthe license, but I guess it'll be under the HotWheels banner. Check it out:

    Mattel Disney Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships & Diecast Vehicles | Take Five a Day

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    Would have to see pics of the actual product before I had any opinion one way or the other on this.
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