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Thread: EB Sets being faked!

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    EB Sets being faked!

    Hello RS,
    I recently bought this incomplete set from eBay from a seller who predominantly sells baggies and mailers.
    I also bought last year, unopened complete set of 1978 Mailer Packs that include the first 12 and due to previous purchases I am growing concerned. The loose baggies I have bought from him have had splits, not mentioned in descriptions and are useless for grading.
    I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt for being unable to check items properly or knowing enough about them.

    This cost over 1000/$1600.

    Incorrect catalogue with set but I knew that. What I didn't notice are the other defects not mentioned in description, like the 2005 Hasbro inner tray.

    Mail Away offer which is matte paper and slightly smaller than the original but has been deliberately distressed to look genuine. Repro?

    R2D2 looks fine until I checked between his feet and on the inner fold of creased up used baggie is piece of tape that has nothing to with seal on reverse. Resealed.

    Luke DT no mention of the split in the top of baggie in description, there is no letter on hilt of saber and no tang on the rear of inner. Hands are painted a different flesh colour from neck and look bumpy. Legs are also a matte paint finish. Figure looks great! I think it has been retouched, resealed in an SW-A baggie and cannot authenticate sabre without opening baggie.

    Leia is a SW-D with tears and splits in baggie, not to mention it is stained yellow on bag and cape.

    Truth is it is money down the drain when I was hoping for a decent Luke DT and R2D2 baggies with a good tray and Mail Away offer.
    The seller dropped a line after payment that there was a split in the Leia baggie but Luke was the best he had ever seen but he was willing to cancel transaction as he had an offer on Luke DT; he knows I buy sets to upgrade.
    This is not the first time he avoids listing damage on descriptions, the question is he deliberately selling faked and damaged items at high grade prices?I have emailed him back as I only received the item this morning and was obviously annoyed at being duped by inaccurate and false descriptions from someone who should know better. I am awaiting on the outcome!
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    If the seller won't return your money without being forced, you can just open a case with eBay. Go to eBay's conflict resolution center and select item not as described. You'll likely be out for the shipping costs, but at least you can get most of your money back this way. Sorry to hear the bad news. eBay has been rife with bad sellers in regard to "vintage" Star Wars stuff. Just check the "Watch Out!" section and you'll see what I mean. Hope you get this resolved soon!

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    Whats the sellers ebay name? i think i might have read about this guy.
    When did you buy this, can you still open a case?
    You might want to put up some good close up pictures of the saber,

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    I am giving the seller the opportunity to take item back and am awaiting a response to my emails and eBay case. I have bought from him 5 times before; twice on loose baggies which were described as mint but had splits, this EB faked set, so the track record for all loose items is 100% inaccurate descriptions.
    Twice on sealed items; a Bossk mailer that has been with UKG for a month but I am more concerned over the 4 Mailer Packs from 1978 which cost thousands, I am hoping his sealed items are genuine.

    I bought the EB Set on 16th Feb and it arrived today on the 18th Feb. Opened it seen it was a POS and emailed the seller for answers and reported it as not described.

    If it is a benefit to buyers I will name him as others might have had similar occurrences, especially as his mint baggies have all been split and it would be worthwhile to compare others feedback.

    There has never been a problem with comms before and I have even left him good feedback at the same time as emailing him to let him know that he needs to declare the damage and stop calling everything mint when it is unfit for grading.

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    waffen, I'm with Aussie on this. You should probably reveal his name. At least this way the rest of us Scummers know to steer clear.
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    Waffen if he has sent things to you before with false descriptions and he has done it to you here again on a big ticket item, imo other collectors need to be warned, selling open baggies without declaring it is poor form by anybodies standard, and especially on an item like a DT luke, its very poor form and some might fairly jump to the conclusion its devious and deceptive form.
    I certainly wouldnt deal with him, and this watch out forum is for sellers exactly like him imo, cheers
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    Seems fair enough,

    He has had prior notice on his descriptions before and I have just accepted it as a loss buying eBay items with inaccurate descriptions: j10e5f6f6
    I reopened the shipping box I sealed after taking the original pics to get some more for the DT Luke. As soon as I get reimbursed the EB Set is going back and no doubt will resurface in its individual components.

    This is the SW-A original tape hidden in a fold on the baggie with new tape applied. Why not check for reseals before selling as mint?

    Lukes DT has flesh coloured paint on blank hilt and inner with no tang on end.To me it looks repainted but could be factory sloppy. There is a blue dot above right eye and hair, hands and legs are bumpy matte paint. I don't think the factory painted figures after the LS was fitted. I am used to seeing glossy or a vinyl paint.

    Would like to see if saber is original but am not going to risk any potential for causing further damage to baggie by attempting to pull it out.

    The only thing going for the Set is SW-D Chewie and sealed pegs bag, everything else is deliberately misleading as to the condition and authenticity.
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    It does suck about the damaged baggies, but they are still gradeable, just not high grades. The R2 pics are hard to see, but if you see double tape, not good. The Leia pics are also unclear, but a tear or slit is still not good. The Luke Seal looks fine from the supplied pics, and no red flags on that one. The tray appears to be the original tray, as the 2005 one has a much larger flange and is entirely different in actual shape. Paperwork if opened up and laid out, I could tell by final measurements if you provide, but looks like a reprint since finish is not an even gloss on the blacks. If original, gloss should be on paper and ink, not just the inks and should be even with no apparent difference in thickness. Repros on paper would have gloss differences and appear like a matte white paper.


    luke in split baggie, sill $600-800, R2 if opened still $50-60, Leia $50-75 with slits, tray if uncracked $300-400, catalog $5-10, Chewie $125 ish,

    SO street value $1125-$1585 if parted out. If the paperwork is real (doubtful) add $200-250 even with stain.

    Not far off in value with today's prices, but still you never would buy in the condition if stated by seller.

    What it should have been as described:
    Luke $1000-1200
    Leia $125-150
    Chewie $125
    R2 $200
    Paperwork $350-400
    Tray $300-400
    Catalog $50 (if correct early one)

    So $2150- $2525

    Sucks, but you should be able to get a refund...

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    Hello Roger,

    I compared the Mail Away offer with an original when I seen it wasn't glossy paper and it felt flimsy, the dimensions are slightly smaller in size to the loose ones I have and paper thickness was not the same. It is also not folded in the same place as the originals were. Definitely not the same as four other originals in my possession.
    I think you are right on the tray as I compared it with other sets and realised that the position of the 1/2 circle is actually on the outer sides on a tray I have and I was comparing it to only one other original set; where the 1/2 circles are on an inside vertical to Luke and Chewies right. I don't have an open re-release to compare it with. I didn't check tray for cracks but there was a hole in a compartment. That comparison tray was from a Set I had refused at UKG because of a split in the baggie on a Leia from the same seller. UKG are strict about grading baggies and refused the EB Set due to a split bag, the bag and cloak were both stained in the same position - I thought the reason was because it allows the weapon to be tampered with. Because of this I will not send split baggies for grading as it is a waste of my time and money.
    Everybody who has loose baggies knows they fracture in straight line splits when handled and need to be treated with care and stored properly to prevent any deterioration.
    The Leia baggie pics did not show up well and has two rips in the top seam of baggie, the cloak and bag are stained on the reverse. The seller told me there is a split in the baggie post sale at the bottom. The gun is the blue green version.

    The good news is Luke might be legit - would need to be authenticated?
    The tray is authentic with crushing to corners which is normal but has a hole.
    SW-D Chewie and pegs is fine.
    Leia damaged baggie and stained cloak.
    R2D2 resealed baggie.

    Original description:
    Vintage Star wars 1977 Early Bird Mailer Set with "The Luke Skywalker Double Telescopic Saber Variant" Still sealed in his Original Mint SW-A Taped sealed Baggie . Set also includes the rare White tray with Princess Leia, Chewbacca in SW-D sealed Baggies, R2D2 also in a SW-A Baggie with the sealed white pegs bag. Both the accompanying broacher and instruction sheet are included although the instruction sheet seems to have some odd stains. White tray is in very good condition with a few creases to the edges and a hole to the top where luke sits . Slight yellowing to leia's tray back and also to the rear of her cape (apparently this to do with the guns different type of plastic ) Sorry has no Box.

    Thanks for everyone's input and the help with validating authenticating pieces.

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    I have a reply from Jeff,

    and thought I would post it as honesty is the best policy, of interest is Mr Baggies aka Frank Mewes confirms these as all genuine! Didn't look closely at the R2 and probably didn't see the tray, catalogue or Mail Away offer when appraising these baggies.

    All baggies were sent in the tray with paperwork over the front in a ziplock bag which was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box with styrofoam chips but Luke was not in this condition when sent? I don't see how it got damaged in transit and why the rips in Leias bag is not mentioned until after payment was made.

    I expected an answer on the descriptions used for selling this EB Set and previous purchases that I let slip.

    I have got my answer and do not want to risk buying anything from the seller in the future.

    Hi Mark! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner via massager as I run my own business & am very busy during the day, Just got home. I just thought it would be better we spoke person 2 person as it would be much quicker than me typing an essay and ive nothing 2 hide? But if you just want a record of thing then that's fine. Can I just say that your attitude is so not called for Especially when you accuse me of selling fake goods???, I read that with my mouth on the floor and with total shock . I have been collecting VSW for over 20 years now, Hoarding stuff for the future which is about now and am selling stuff to help fund running a home, family and wife. I have mostly all the records of stuff I have brought and sold so can track most back to source. Im 100% Genuine and never had any issues with any other buyers or other SW item/s. I pride myself on my Feedback as you can see, A faker would not last five minutes! This pack is genuine and I checked with my good friend Frank Mewes of the SWFUK who is know as Mr Baggie and he confirms all these as genuine. He has purchased 100's of baggies from me, Looking through the archives these tray seems have a couple of variants with the small dents in different places, but a 2005 tray it is SO NOT!. Im really upset that you say the Luke DT baggie has split to the top as he was perfect when I sooo carefully packed him. Even went to trouble of packing him in an over size box. I told you about leia before I sent her and you say it was ok? I have not got another info sheet so can not match it with another . I brought this as is and sold it straight on so no tampering by me. Off course I will refund you as soon as I get it returned but don't know what to do regards the split luke bag as he makes up most of the vaule? You have no worries regards the mailers as Ive had one guy grade them with AFA at a U90 and they have been opened, Have a look for yourself. Item No:291065173820. Don't know what else to add? Regards Jeff

    I can't upload the pics from eBay but I believe that there is a distinct clear crescent on the bag at the seam above the back of Lukes head. This would be from seeing the surface beneath the bag through a single layer of plastic instead of two from a sealed baggie. Hopefully the link will work so you can judge for yorself: 4.m1439.l2649
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