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Thread: The Phantom

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    The Phantom

    Hasbro will be releasing the Phantom in the Rebels toy line, not the greatest picture atm but it can be seen here.

    "Like" if you plan to purchase this small vehicle

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    Here's a better pic of The Phantom---it rocks!

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    That is pretty cool...

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    Nifty little ship. It's supposed to combine with the Ghost right? This I can handle somewhere hanging in my room.
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    This may be the closest we get to having the Ghost, but time will tell. Though I suppose this one will be a natural buy if I decide to collect then figures.
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    It has a cool retro feel to it, like something Kenner would have originally designed for the vintage line.
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    So that's what that thing is. Cool.
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    Shame that this GI Joe-esque thing gets made and there's no re-release of the vinty Troop transport.
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    I wouldn't rule out the Troop Transport yet. This is just the beginning.

    Not sure about this ship. Looks okay, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shabby_Blue View Post
    It has a cool retro feel to it, like something Kenner would have originally designed for the vintage line.
    Agreed, looks kinda cool. Could care less about rebels, but this is a nice looking vehicle.

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