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Thread: AT-DP

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    Looks awesome! I really love how tall the legs are! Instant buy.

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    I can see myself with 8 of these by the time they end-up at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I'm going to man most of them with the 2 versions of the McQuarrie Snowtroopers. Good job Hasbro

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    Really nice. I'll be picking this up.

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    At first I was critical about the lack of leg articulation but this thread has reminded me about the over articulated AT-STs that can't even stand up.

    Plus it turns out to be a good match for the concept art and I love concept stuff.

    And it has the Marvel pedigree from the comics I devoured back in the day.

    (The only thing missing is a vintage style box with a "TESB Concept Series" logo.)

    So I'll be getting one.*

    * Assuming it ever goes on sale in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scockery View Post
    On the other hand my K-Mart AT-ST's fall over constantly.
    That's because it's the Endor AT-ST.

    They do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imrahil2001 View Post
    All-Terrain....double penetration?
    Admit it. We all thought it.

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    Any pics of the interior yet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZX3 View Post
    $20 price point?
    $24.99, from GH:

    STAR WARS® REBELS 3.75-Inch Vehicles
    (Ages: 4 & up/ Approximate retail price: $24.99/ Available: Fall 2014)
    Build your galactic fleet with iconic STAR WARS vehicles as well as all-new ships from the new animated series STAR WARS REBELS like the PHANTOM and the INQUISITOR’S TIE ADVANCED PROTOTYPE. These 3.75-inch scale, exceptionally detailed vehicles are compatible with 3.75-inch STAR WARS REBELS action figures (sold separately). Each sold separately.
    Though I think that along with the price increase comes a return to a larger size; I've seen a few pics of the SL figures in the same frame as the ships, especially the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced, and they don't seem to be scaled down like the Class II vehicles of the past year or so are.

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