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Thread: Inquisitor's TIE Fighter

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    Don't know if I'll pick it up or not, but it looks cool. I was definitely expecting the Inquisitor to have a cool ship to use in hunting down Jedi, and this qualifies.
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    when I heard that the Inquisitor was going to be flying a TIE Advanced X1 I was all "thank god we're getting a newly tooled Vader TIE" and then I saw this. This is NOT a TIE advanced. This is a TIE prototype

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    Quote Originally Posted by UTINI View Post
    Wait a minute. The boxed TIE in the background is listed as The Inquisitor's, but is a traditional TIE Fighter. The one with the curved wings is not labeled. Is this just a mix up or does The Inquisitor have the traditional TIE?
    I was thinking maybe the ship comes with interchangeable wings? you know, smaller standard straight TIE wings and these weird retooled Darth Maul ship wings? the only thing I hate about the ship is the horrible firing rockets where the guns should be.

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    That would be great, but it's highly doubtful.

    Stupid plastic missiles have been ruining the tie advanced for almost a decade.
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    I'm kinda intrigued by it...

    As peeps have earlier mentioned, it does indeed appear to be a kitbash of the Sith Infiltrator's radial fins (opening) and fin struts - while the SI's long nose / fuselaged cockpit has been removed and replaced with a simply TIE cockpit (or TIE Advanced cockpit).

    I could be partial to this - and am wondering if it has any other unique features making it specific to the Inquisitor - rather than just a mash-up of SI and TIE Advanced...

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    Love it. Will buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZX3 View Post
    Price point?
    $25 I believe

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    Yeah I was a little confused about the labels, but if his is the slant-winged TIE, I'll definately be getting it. The Sith Infiltrator is my favorite vehicle, and I like this PT/OT bridging we'll be seeing with this show. So far I'm on board for the Inquisitor, that Imperial Agent guy, this ship and that AT-ST prototype. Glad to have some Star Wars stuff to look forward to again!

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    It would boil down to scale and if it holds up next to the Vintage Tie's. Having said that, I usually end up buying a lot of toys cause I like Star Wars or the general design or for customizing. Good thing about the Clone Wars released vehciles was that they were fully compatible with the regular line.

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