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Thread: C-3PO & R2-D2 - Rebels

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    ^ Yuuuup. Already gold my wife she can do any and all girly stuff, but that she will love SW.
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    I actually gave a set to of these to my six year old. I was extremely impressed with the C-3PO. From the package, I really didn't like it...and I wasn't a fan of the Rebel's model they used. However, in hand, I am quite impressed with the amount of detail...right down to the pins on the neck. Really a solid little figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AhsokaVader View Post
    Am I seeing that your Clone Wars R2's compartment door doesn't stay closed either?.?.?

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    Yes, kind of. It stays closed but does not exactly "click in" and lay flush with the rest of him.

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    So does this Artoo fit in the Scout Y-Wing?
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