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Thread: Ezra Bridger - SL02

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    Mine was the same, I had to boil his lower legs and adjust the angle of his ankles to get a more natural position.

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    Bought Ezra for my daughter for Christmas and was putting away a lot of her toys yesterday - tried to put Ezra up on her shelf and he can't stand up at all without bending him backwards at the hips so that he looks like he's doing the limbo. Is this common with the figure or did I get a lemon somehow? (He was the one from the multipack if that matters)
    Yep. I've got the one from the Jedi Reveal multi-pack and it's the same. I've just bought some modern action figure stands to help the little guy out!

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    So I was thinking about customizing a more articulated version of Ezra, by using TCW Boba Fett figure. It's a bit shorter than Ezra, but I think that's just because of teh style difference. Or is there a better figure base out there?
    Looking for:R3-H17, L3-37
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