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Thread: The Ghost

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    In the Old Falcon format, probably... even though I don't intend to collect Rebels. But it would be nice to beef up a Spaceport scene.
    In the Class II Slave I format... nope. That kind of reduction is too ridiculous.
    In a BMF format... unlikely. Though it will depend on the success of the show, I can't yet see that this ship is going to be as iconic as the Falcon to get a BMF treatment, and I can't see myself spending that kind of money on it.

    That said... I'm not all that happy with the design. I can see that it shares a few design elements with the Falcon, so it fits into the times... but it has such a blunt front, the cockpit is squeezed between these angular whatever-they-are, and the shapes that make up the body fit together quite coarsely. There is no real "snap" to the design, it looks like a toy... Then there is the lack of surface features, nurnies and greebles. Of course it's a computer model and probably heavily streamlined to reduce polygons, but the pic above is realtime game level. A few maintenance pits would have been nice.

    Let's wait until we have seen the thing in the actual show.

    (Will we ever get ANY toy from it? Didn't work out well for the ol' Twilight either...)

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    I have no interest in this ship, but if it turns out as good as the BMF. With cool features sounds etc. and is a decent price I may get it. If it ever goes to clearance I'd probably get one to customize into a Smugglers ship or something.
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    I'm in! Ghost: Want!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    I love the design, but I don't collect large vehicles. I'd buy something action fleet or titanium size though - even micro machine scale, I loved those...
    This is exactly my stance on it. I can't collect large vehicles (no room), but some smaller representation of it I can appreciate next to random Superhero based cars and such.
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    For figures anything smaller than BMF would be too small. But I don't have the room for anything BMF size. I'd get an FFG version.
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    If it's normal sized I'd be up for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
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    So I've seen a lot of people comment on how much they want this ship from Star Wars Rebels tv show, if Hasbro made the ship would you buy it?

    I really like the unique look of this ship. Even if it's not as big as the MF I'll pick it up. This is a really cool looking ship!
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    I am starting to get more and more negative about the entire "Rebels" concept:
    - 5 POA POS
    - Disney XD is not on basic cable, at least in my area. I do not plan on spending another $10-20/mo. to watch this.
    - The lack of a Ghost at ToyFair may be a hint that this is not firmly in Hasbro's plans, such as the fate of the large pre-owned vessel from Clone Wars.
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    Even though I am skipping the figures, I would buy a BMF Ghost in a heartbeat. Was really hoping it would make an appearance at toy fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by my_kind_of_scum View Post
    Even though I am skipping the figures, I would buy a BMF Ghost in a heartbeat. Was really hoping it would make an appearance at toy fair.
    Me too, I hope we don't have another case of The Twilight where we get Lego and other versions of the ship and never actually get the ship.

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