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Thread: Darth Maul - SL#15

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieU View Post
    Not only a waste of sculpting/tooling resources, but a waste of a character slot. Of the 30 SL/MS figures released or soon-to-be-released so far, there are 3 different Obi-Wans, 2 different Anakins, and now 2 different Darth Mauls. Instead of another Maul, why not an unmade, and therefore exciting, Clone Wars character to appeal to kids and collectors alike? Especially coming off of 2012, where there were how many different Mauls available at once? 4? 5?
    Good point. I'd figure kids would be interested in the Mission Series version anyway - everyone had plenty of opportunity at a TPM Maul during the 3D release, didn't they? I like the character, but I agree, how about something NEW?

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    I've bought 3 different Mauls since I took my son to see The Phantom Menace back in 2012. Not going to buy anymore.

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    This line is being killed by Mauls Obiwans and Anakins!
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    Here are some super high res images - barcodes are 653569928591 for Maul and 653569928584 for the Snowtrooper.

    Snowtrooper Loose:


    Maul Loose:

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    LOVE him. Will buy 2 one for me and my nephew. What a great sculpt.
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    I did eventually want Episode I Darth Maul in this line. As long as this line continues for a while and we get a good mix of characters, I won’t be upset to have this Darth Maul in the collection. It was just bad timing. Way too soon after the Clone Wars version, not to mention the Duel on Naboo Battle Pack version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyjack View Post
    I've bought 3 different Mauls since I took my son to see The Phantom Menace back in 2012. Not going to buy anymore.
    So...I lied.

    Couldn't pass this up in Target for $4.50. Now all I need to track down is a good inexpensive Sith Infiltrator.

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    Another nice one! I'll definitely get him, though I do wish he was a little more "Kenner" looking.

    I'm worried now, though, that Qui-Gon and E1 Obi-Wan may be coming soon. They're not high on my list, though it may be cool to see them with the Kenner-style robe sculpt (like SL Obi-Wan and Anakin).
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    Looks pretty good, but just kind of it could've come out of 1999. Nothing screams "awesome" like the Mission Series Maul does.
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