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Thread: Super7 & Funko - ReAction 3 3/4" Figures

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    Yeah, funko I think had the right price point and excellent distribution. It was the aesthetic in both quality and appearance that always left me feeling deflated. Dark Crystal being an exception.
    Agreed. And they carried that quality right over into their 9-POA figures. I know the press images are always nicer than the final product, but the Game of Thrones figures were so awful compared to what was shown that I basically quit collecting anything they put out.

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    So far Super 7 has:

    Comic Con Exclusive White Misfits Fiend:

    Comic Con Exclusive Planet of the Apes Play Set

    Comic Con Exclusive "Hammerhead" Xenomorph:

    Comic Con Exclusive She-Ra and Hordak 2-Pack

    And now...

    Comic Con Exclusive Reaction Carrying Case with transparent Hellboy:

    This is getting absolutely absurd. Trying to buy all that after the show is going to be like $350 for a play set, a carrying case, and and 5 figures.

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    the Robotech figures are officially up for order. placed mine last night. as far as the SDCC stuff... I really want the White GITD Fiend, The Hammerhead Alien, the She-Ra set and the case with Hellboy but I'm not going to spend the $$$$ on the after prices on eBay. if they make these available on their site after the show than I might order them.
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    eBay is having 15% off today with the code PRIMOSALE.

    I just used it to get a set of all six Planet of the Apes figures shipped for $79... probably about as good as I'd ever be able to do on those.

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    If that was a hellboy themed carrying case I'd be all over it for $45.

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    All I have to say about that Planet of the Apes playset is--SPOILER!
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    Damned dirty playset!

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    I look forward to next year's Soylent Green exclusive with the words "IT'S PEOPLE!" plastered across the front of the box.
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    Have to ask is there some kind of story behind Hammerhead Alien, like the costume shares parts? or is it just some goofy crossover they made up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VideoViper View Post
    or is it just some goofy crossover they made up?
    I'm pretty sure it's this one.

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