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Thread: Star Wars comics returning to Marvel

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    Star Wars comics returning to Marvel

    We all knew it was coming. Now it's official.

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    I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed to hear that. I thought Dark Horse was a solid publisher who released some quality series and help expand and explore the star wars universe. I'm guessing we'll see at some point Star Wars: Zombies, Dark Star Wars, Star Wars Infinity (wars, gauntlet, etc)...and an appearance by Stan "The Man" Lee.
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    Disappointed but inevitable. I just hope Marvel don't get silly and don't restrict their focus to Rebels, the OT and the new movies.

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    Ugh. This is just wretched news. Just posted this on Dark Horse's blog:

    This is horrible, horrible news. Marvel NEVER "got" Star Wars. I could forgive their gonzo post-ANH material because no one really had a lock on what Star Wars was at that point, but even after Empire deepened the saga, Marvel's stories stayed silly and juvenile right up through the end of their run. I can't say everything you guys put out was A+ material, but it was ALL 100% Star Wars. I'm gutted. Anyway, spilt milk. Thanks for all the great memories, Mike et al.

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    Can't say I'm surprised, expected this as soon as Lucas sold SW to Disney. Sad news as Dark Horse has given us some awesome SW comics over the years and introduced many of my favourite SW characters ... RIP Kerra Holt

    However I grew up with the Marvel SW comics, and they form an important part of my love of SW. I don't really want to see a SW/Avengers cross over or anything like that, and I don't expect it. It never happened before on Marvel's stewardship, but this opens up the possibility

    It would be a nice gesture from Marvel to keep some of the Dark Horse era SW characters in print.

    Also I would be over the moon if Marvel brought back some of the SW characters from it's first spell with SW such as Dani and Kiro, I miss them! How cool would a backstory to Valance the bounty hunter be?

    Sad day, but I'm not without hope
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    Dark Horse has been the perfect house for Star Wars. Year after year they've been keeping it vital and interesting, and I have no doubt they could have told another 20 years' worth of engaging stories. Nice that they're going out on top, with "Star Wars" and "The Star Wars" as big successes. At least they get one more year to tie up loose ends-- mainly we need conclusions to Dark Times, Dawn of the Jedi, and the fledgling Legacy II. They'll each go out with a bang, no doubt. I'm skeptical over whether Marvel will be able to lavish half that level of care & attention to detail. Mighty big shoes to fill.
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    Well, there's the end of an era, Dark Horse has done a phenomenal job over the years at bringing us fantastic stories from all different eras of the Star Wars universe and I doubt anyone will ever forget the huge contributions that Dark Horse has done to expand our understanding and appreciation of the Star Wars universe. Now I just hope that they are able to finish their current series all on high notes before 2015.

    I also have to say, I do not envy Marvel at all, they have huge shoes to fill when they take over in 2015, but I don't think we can judge them yet until they actually start to produce something. Sure, the original Marvel line was cheesy and many hate it, but maybe now, after having Dark Horse as role models, will be able to produce something on par with the likes of Dawn of the Jedi or Legacy.
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    What a way to ring in the new year. Get ready for obnoxious Marvel to start with their bragging and raping of the line.

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    What a sad day. I will wait and see on what Marvel does. I'm not assuming it will be bad. But I don't for a second think anything that came before will continue or matter. It will be a clean slate.

    I'm very, very sad Star Wars Legacy will be over.
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