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Thread: (SOLD) Konig Portable Photo Studio KN-STUDIO10

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    (SOLD) Konig Portable Photo Studio KN-STUDIO10

    Art. code: KN-STUDIO10

    This convenient foldable photo studio is supplied with two lamps, four exchangable background colours and a mini stand that can be adjusted in height. The nylon walls and lamps reduce sheen and sparkles in the photo's. Even for an unexperienced photographer it will now be child's play to create beautiful photo's that are correctly illuminated and have the correct colour ratio. The photo's barely need touching up, which is very convenient when you often place products on auction web sites. This photo studio works best with a compact camera or a lightweight reflex camera. This photo studio is supplied with a carrying bag.

    KN-STUDIO10 | Foldable Mini Photo Studio (40x40 Cm) | König Electronic - Your world our technology

    Cost £30 New, 3 months old. *SOLD*
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    Payment received with thanks, please lock
    Wanted: Nothing!

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