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Thread: (((Hell_Hawk's For Sale Thread)))

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    Sending you a PM. <- My feedback thread...

    Never tell me the odds!

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    All Black Series 3.75" are sold (thank you all for the interest). Added a couple non Star Wars items- Sideshow X-Files 12" Fox Mulder and Cigarette Smoking Man.

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    Added a Black Series 6" lot. Leia, Obi-Wan, and C-3P0 for $50 CAD plus shipping.

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    09/10: Added a large lot 6" Black Series figures. It's a great lot for someone just getting into the line.

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    Bump- added a Black Series 6" lot and Sphero BB-8. Gotta clear some space.

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    Bump- adjusted the list for the Black Series lot (found a missing accessory, yay!!) and added a photo.

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    Digging through storage today and found a few figures to sell, including some rare orange box Black Series.

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