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Thread: (((Hell_Hawk's For Sale Thread)))

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    Lots of new items added! I do believe that's all I have to sell, unless I come across more in the storage building.

    Rancor is sold, Starkiller set is sold pending payment. Everything is still available. I like making deals on multiple items so don't be afraid to hit me up with some offers!

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    PM sent with an offer. Thanks!

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    WOW- I have a lot of PMs to respond to! I'm at work right now but I'll try to get back to as many as I can. If you don't hear from me today don't fret! I will get back to you tomorrow afternoon at the very latest!

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    Starkiller set, Rancor, and Clone Trooper army are all sold! All PMs have been responded to at this point. For those who have sent payment for their items I will get them shipped tomorrow or Saturday.

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    Jedi lot, Sith lot, and AT-RT are SOLD pending payment.

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    For those who bought the:
    Starkiller Set
    Clone Army

    Your items were shipped this afternoon!

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    AT-RT, Jedi lot, and Sith lot are sold!

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    It's the weekend! Bump!
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    Saturday night! Bump!

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    No more than a couple thread bumps per week. Please read our forum rules posted at the top of the classified forum.
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