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Thread: WTB: Professor's Wish List

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    WTB/WTTF: Professor's Wish List

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ideally I would prefer to trade but will buy at fair prices. Stuff I have up for grabs (Link)

    Droids (Ranked in order of want)
    R3-B0017 (2017 Halloween exclusive)
    R5-K6 (loose from Scramble on Yavin multi-pack) or Disney BAD look-a-like - Obtained (Thank you Tikkes!)
    R4-A22 (loose from Astro Pack 1)
    R5-P9 (loose)
    R5-D2 (loose)
    R2-BHD (loose)
    R3-Y2 (loose from Astro Pack 2)

    Misc. Disney Droids

    Also looking for a white and purple R9 dome

    2012 pieces:
    White and purple R2 body
    White and purple left and right legs
    Purple middle foot

    Figures; loose is fine but complete
    Tholme and Tra-Saa (Comic Pack)
    *A complete Tholme is much higher priority then complete set
    Holiday Jawas (McQuarrie set)
    Jocasta Nu (Exclusive)

    Odds and Ends
    Eadu base from Jyn Erso (Just the base not the figure / reference)
    Starkiller base pieces from Rey (Just bases not the figures / reference-Rey)
    Mustafar base pieces (reference) *interested in a few of these*
    --> packed with Mustafar Sentry (ROTS 56), Passel Argente (ROTS 61), Cat Miin (ROTS 62) Darth Vader (Duel on Mustafar), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Duel on Mustafar)
    Alternate sitting legs for Princess Leia (BD17) (Image reference)
    Count Dooku Bust and Holocron from Jocasta Nu (Image reference)
    Darth Vader Lightsaber (one of mine fell and my wife's cat chewed it up)
    Any Jedi Temple scenery pieces (like the Dooku bust) - I am working on a display piece for my Jedi
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    Updated January 2nd 2014.

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    Still looking but have received one with another pending. I got Lama Su from StapesCustoms in a great transaction!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjsn View Post

    Still looking but have received one with another pending. I got Lama Su from StapesCustoms in a great transaction!
    I have a Carded R5-J2 if you still looking for one of those. I can ship it carded or loose.

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    Acquired Sora Bulq in a great transaction from gumbo, a newer member of the forums. It was a great transaction and I encourage you to do business with this new member.

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    Just acquired Darth Phobos through a great trade with Vorax! Still looking for others. Any help completing my poor R3-M3, without his dome and third foot for almost 2 years now, would be greatly appreciated!

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    Updates! Please Help!

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    November 12th 2014 bump.

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    Updates. Acquired B.A.D. version R2-MK.

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    Mainly looking to trade at this point in time but check the first post for my wants. Any help is appreciated!
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