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Thread: Posting Transactional Feedback

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    Posting Transactional Feedback

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Members posting feedback in Classified section posts is becoming a problem and causing unnecessary thread bumps. As a result, feedback must be posted in the Feedback section only:

    Trade Feedback

    Each seller, if he or she hasn't already done so, should make sure they have a thread in the feedback section and request that buyers only post transactional feedback there. It will also be helpful to instruct your buyers NOT to post in your Classified thread in case they have missed this message or only casually browse the forums. It's a good idea to have your feedback thread linked in your signature file to make things easier for your buyers to leave feedback.

    Additionally, members should not be bumping other members' Classified postings. Please leave that up to the seller. Sellers, please remember that you should not be bumping your threads daily...every few days is sufficient in order to be respectful of other members' threads.

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