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Thread: Dark Jedi and Sith plus other customs

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    Dark Jedi and Sith plus other customs

    Did my version to go along with Tol Skorr as bodyguards to Dooku:
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    Also upgraded Ventress with the older ROTS Secura legs:

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    Made an Imperial Inquisitor character:

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    Also making a Jerec and his underlings:

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    Upgrades my Infinities Vader and Dark Woman has a better pair of legs so it doesnt look like she rode around on a horse all week:

    Also updated the other Kast figure so I can have two hunter partners:

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    recently added a plastic lower to Dooku's tunic to make the figure more intimidating , it is a trimmed down waist tunic/belt from the ROTS Dooku Plus I added a removable Clone Wars style Jedi shoulder /upper chest armor carved off a Concept Vader figure I had laying around:

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    Been working on another Darth Maul variant:

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    Bloody cool, all of 'em!
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    Made a Imperial cyborg agent so not to waste my spare Concept Grievous,lol.

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