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Thread: Dark Jedi and Sith plus other customs

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    Added ankle articulation:

    Made a customized Starkiller helmet:

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    Making some Imperial Supercommando's:

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    Wanted to re-explore Desann and the Reborn warriors:

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    Finally completed two Dark Side Elite warriors:

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    Your works are impress me. How did you customize the hands of Tol Skorr?

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    Some of these are really awesome but it does make me cry inside so many hard to find figures were used to kitbash lol, i see a really cool custom then i'm like "noooo that used to be something i'd love another of!" lol
    Just goes to show Hasbro don't make enough of popular characters.. and they don't make enough figures that people want!

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    Tol Skorr hands were cut off and holes drilled into the forearm deep enough to fit a new hand peg, they were quite simple to add articulation .

    Some of my latest customs is an Imperial Guard from SOTE, I plan to make at least two of them. I made a simple Jarec as well

    My more ambitious project was my take on Marka Ragnos and creating Maul's Nightbrother clansmen warriors, they're still in almost complete form.

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    My take on Marka Ragnos. I interpreted his crescent-like chest symbol and chains more as a weapon akin to Dryden Vos' Kyuzo Petars.

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