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Thread: Half the Battle : The GIJoe review show

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    Half the Battle : The GIJoe review show

    Hey hey,

    Allow me to introduce you to Half the Battle, my video review show where I take a look at all things related to GIJoe : A Real American Hero from the 80s and beyond. You'll find reviews of the toys, characters, cartoons and comics. My hope is to inform and entertain ! So have a look, and see if I've suceeded there. Fair warning, the first episodes are a bit rough, but I'm quite pleased with the later ones.

    You can find my show here :
    Half The Battle

    A new episode is normally posted every Tuesday !

    Hope you enjoy !

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    Things get Lovecraftian this week with the Halloween special, but can GIJoe pull off horror and suspense ?
    Half The Battle
    And if you're in a halloween mood, why not check out my first Halloween special from 2012? Link on the blog.

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    Hey hey ! It's time for the 50th episode spectacular ! Quite some work went into this one folks. Stupid, stupid work !
    Half The Battle

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    It’s time for a new episode ! Snake Eyes has a bad day and we see some familiar faces come back in issue 12 of the comic. But was it any good?

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    In today's episode, we ask ourselves : Was the DiC cartoon series really all that bad? The answer may surprise you.
    Half The Battle

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    In today's episode, we get our first look at the Mega Marines with Blast-Off. A guy who is not what he seems. You could say there's more than meets the eye here.
    Half The Battle

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    The Doctor Venom story continues in the comic this week... Without Doctor Venom. Things get complicated. Also, Hobbits.
    Half The Battle

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    We talk about a great many things this week. Some of it may even be related to GIJoe ! Take a look at the GIJoe arctic trainer !
    Half The Battle

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    It's the end of the year bonanza ! We've got a Christmas and New Year Eve's special ! Also stuff that'll confuse you if you haven't seen all my recent videos on Blip.

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    timmer you are weird

    but i do like your show/blog
    A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.
    ― Henry Ward Beecher

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