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Thread: Half the Battle : The GIJoe review show

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    New episode is up ! We kick off Main Character May ! This whole month, we'll be looking at Duke !

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    New episode is up ! Main Character May continues as we take a look at Duke toys that came out after the original line !

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    New episode is up ! We continue Main Character May as we examine the character of Duke through his filecards !

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    New episode is up ! We conclude May Character May by taking a look at how Duke was portrayed in the comics, cartoons and movies !

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    Had a long weekend off, so no review, but there IS something that should get you pumped up ! World exclusive premiere of the CCIV teaser ! Thanks to HCC788 for this !

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    As a little bonus, here's the whole of Main Character May as a single episode ! So if you want to spend 50 minutes listening to me about Duke, here's your chance you lucky devils !

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    New episode is up ! We're going back to the comic today as we take a look at issue 53 : Pit-Fall !

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