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Thread: WTB: Looking for some MOC and MIB items

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    WTB: Looking for some MOC and MIB items

    Looking for the following MOCs in C9 or better condition(minor card stressing and damage free bubbles). For most of these I'm trying to upgrade to clear/clearer bubbles. Please let me know if anyone has anything available!

    *ESB Luke Hoth-clear bubble
    *ESB Bespin Guard Black
    *ESB Luke Brown Hair
    *ESB Yoda
    *ROTJ Bib Fortuna-clear
    *ROTJ-Luke Gunner-clear bubble
    *POTF Amanaman-clear bubble
    *POTF Luke Stormtrooper-clear bubble
    *POTF Imperial Gunner-clear bubble
    *POTF Barada-
    *POTF R2D2 Popup-clear bubble

    Also looking for the following playsets. I'm not as picky for these. Only looking for opened items in the box. Boxes can have creasing and dents but just want the items complete(with inserts/instructions) and unbroken.

    *SW Sandcrawler
    *SW Sonic Landspeeder
    *ESB X wing Dagobah
    *ESB transition vinyl case with original graphics
    *UK Waddington's puzzles with action figure scenes(need both scenes)

    Miscellaneous items also looking for
    *Cylon Commander Series 2 Battlestar Galactica figure
    *Gabriel Lone Ranger Buffalo Bill Cody MOC
    *Remco Mummy MOC

    Thank you to anyone able to help me out!
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    Still looking....C3PO is my main priority at the moment

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    Found some of the items I was looking for and updated my list.

    I'd really appreciate any help acquiring any of the items listed

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    Feeling lucky that somebody is gonna have something I need tonight

    Let's hear what you've got

    I pay quick

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    Having a brew.....give this a bump

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    Getting down to the nitty gritty of items and upgrades I need for my collection

    Let me know if you have something I can scratch off the list

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    Updated with some new things I'm looking for

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