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Thread: Kielbassa's collection

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    Kielbassa's collection

    I guess the GG section is the best place for this since I have most of the busts and a few of the statues. I also have some 12" and PF Sideshow and a ton of Hasbro. It's been about seven years since I've been able to display my stuff, but we recently moved and I finally have a room to myself again. Still unpacking Hasbro CW and EU stuff to fill the Detolfs.

    I installed the glass-paned door so I could enjoy the room from the outside while keeping the kids and the dog out. We removed the ceiling fan and installed a 6-light adjustable track light. I took the doors off the closet and removed the hanger rack so I could install shelves in there. The furniture is all Ikea Vittsjo, Lack and Detolf series. I installed the Dioder lights and will soon have them on a timer so they add a little ambience in the evenings when the door is closed. The shelves in the closet currently house some EU and CW, buth I plan to use that space for Ep. VII-IX once those collectibles hit.

    I hope to add more pics of specific display shelves soon. These give more of a general sense of my collection. Please enjoy the pics!

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    Very nice collection, it looks rather impressive too.
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    nice collection
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    Awesome, looks like you have done a lot of work since I last saw it.

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    impressive collection!
    My collection
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    Absolutely amazing

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    Thanks everyone! Got my Darth Malgus bust yesterday. This is one of GG's heavier busts, and a nice piece too.

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    Since we're in the GG section, here are closer pics of my mini bust collection.

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    Definitely a collection to be proud of, I've got a lot of those mini-busts myself but you've got several I'd love to own but they are just to pricy now-a-days.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kielbassa View Post
    Since we're in the GG section, here are closer pics of my mini bust collection.

    I enjoyed looking at these photos. Great collection and nicely organized. I spotted a couple of cool custom busts in there too. Well done!

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