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Thread: Fake Uzays and Model Trems on EBay

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    Fake Uzays and Model Trems on EBay

    No, not the figures I'm selling! 4 uzay popped up today - a chewie, vader, tfp and stormie. This same seller sold a thin armband stormie recently which looked like a botched custom.

    There is something VERY off about the paint jobs of these figures. Chewies eyes are way too big, the red dots on the tfp ate too wide, and the arm and hand paint on the stormie are too thick/messy. The Vader is tough to tell because of the camera flash. The tfp pilot gun which he says is original is 100% NOT, the mold details are way off.

    Its strange because the mold details for the figures look pretty close. But given the VAST number of customs he has for sale, anyone thinking of bidding on these should think twice.

    Maybe Martijn or Patsy can chime in on the model trems he has for sale - they never made a blue snags did they?!

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    No they never made a Blue Snag on TREM.

    The Luke XWP (TREM) also looks suspicious to me! The others are fine I guess (besides the weapons and paint).The TFP (TREM) could be partially overpainted: never saw a grey backpack on those?? And the silver on top of the helmet looks different to the silver the eyes are painted. The grey gloves are touched up for 100% IMO !!
    Given the loads of customs he is selling (not only overpainted ones, also self casted ones) should do it to decide for yourself.

    These are probably all touched up at least...IMO the UZAY look all real plastic wise, but as said: paintjob and weapons look suspicous!

    Pitty...those do not come up often in Germany. I would have liked some of those

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    You are right!

    The Model Trem Luke X-Wing AND the Biker Scout are FAKE! (Not to mention the obvious custom Blue Snag ... )
    Both these LXW as the BS where done by Pablo Artesi. I am 110% sure about this, no question.

    Maybe you can edit the title by adding "Fake Model Trem's" Mete?

    The TFP and 2nd series figures look ok to me, regarding the gray backpack, it is possible as all where handpainted, can't say for sure.

    It's a strange mix of customs and touched up bootlegs this guy is selling.


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    Fake MT BS: Star Wars Vintage Original Brazilian Model Trem " Biker Scout " Ultrarare | eBay
    Yeah,you can definetly tell they are polish.No one else would ruin star wars figures with those colors.
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    Yeah...I agree on the Biker by now..I really looked long on that Biker now and nothing does match. No ridge to the front of the feet, wrong shape of head etc.

    The LXW also looked strange to me from the beginning.

    Thanks for your comment Martijn....I would have been interested in a Biker. Always good to hear a professional opinion!

    BTW: Do you have a picture of all those Pablo fakes?? Does anyone know how many he has done??
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    Everything on the whole page looks fake to me, barring the two mexican yodas, and one of those is questionable.
    Im no trem expert, but i smell a rat with the whole lot.

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    A lot of his auctions could spell bad news in the future. We've seen the fake yellow proto Blue Snag before, the Trems are fake and I'm surprised he didn't pass the unarticulated Luke Stormies as Mexican bootlegs. Both of the Mexican Yodas are ok though, just funky bright weapons, seen them before.
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    I should echo what Wolff has mentioned, which I agree with - the Uzay figure sculpts are really really close to the real thing. The Chewie is probably the closest and may be legit. The Vader may be as well (although the saber is absolutely repro, can't tell about the cape). But its the PAINT jobs these figures have which are really strange and off.

    Wolff sent me some good pics of Chewies with giant eyes, but I'm still not convinced. It could be a custom job, or a legit Chewie that took too much acid bid at your own peril!
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    And something I noticed on the TFP - there are remnants of a COO or date stamp on the back left leg, which obviously should not be there.
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    jeezz this days, thanks for sharing and the heads up guys.
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    This might be partially off topic but in the context of what you said, I would like to ask a question: I noticed the auctions too. The seller does also offer "prototype" and "first shot" figures which are marked as "original". I was also concerned that such "problematic material" as prototypes and first shots were offered side by side with customs and even custom bootlegs. What do you think? Without any proper documentation these prototype figures might as well be customs, right?

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