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Thread: A few simple customs

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    First is Spacer #4 from the cantina:

    Mainly chosen as a way to use an extra Bane Malar head.

    Torso, pelvis, legs, belt, blaster: LC/TVC Imperial scanning technicican
    Shoulders: LC Willrow Hood
    Forearms/hands: TVC Oddball
    Head: LC Bane Malar
    Alternate head: TVC Cloud Car pilot

    Body parts were stripped of any factory paint, then dyed with Hi-Tech "Gray Metallic" vinyl dye. The neck was painted with Testors "Light ghost gray" to match the CC pilot's skullcap. To fit Malar's helmet, I found a donor head that fit the neckpost (an unknown Luke head) and sanded it into a ball that fits snugly inside the helmet.

    A note about the scanning tech's torso: The shoulder holes are so deep that it's usually necessary to trim pegs of arms you're trying to use; otherwise, the pegs will hit and you won't be able to seat both arms.

    I considered trying to hollow out the helmet, but I think I'd have to trim the back of the helmet below the silver tubing to get it to work. That'd leave his neck and part of his head exposed.

    Group shot of the boys:

    Cantina dude (yellow spacer) is too self-conscious about the paint rub on his nose to remove his helmet. Someday I'll hook him up with a head cast in flesh color.

    The last two are fairly standardized recipes by now. Thanks to the originators!

    Bodhi Rook:

    Torso, arms, pelvis, thighs, boots: LC/TVC Imperial scanning technician
    Shins: KOTCS Mutt Williams
    Head, vest, blaster, spool backpack (not shown): 5POA Bodhi
    Hands: TBS General Lando

    Body parts were stripped, then the shoulder emblems were masked with patties of blue-tac and the forearm device was taped off. Pieces were then dyed with Hi-Tech "Dark Gray." I used a mix of Testors "skin tone warm tint," "skin tone tint base," "leather," and "olive drab" to approximate the head's skin tone on the hands and neck.

    The legs from the LC Rebel flight crewman might work better, but I only have one spare of that guy and I keep thinking I'll eventually use him to make a Tzizvvt.

    I dislike painting hands, because they're vulnerable to damage from handling weapons, etc. Ideally, I would've used hands from a LC Talon Karrde, which matched the head fairly well. Unfortunately, Karrde's wrist pegs were too small. I might've been able to fit them with teflon tape, but it would've taken a lot of passes. (***While typing this I realized I could've superglued pegs into Karrde's hands... Wish the thought had occurred earlier!***) Couldn't find anything suitable in my ROTLA donor pile, either. Even thought about cutting the hands from a LC Jango Fett (rolled-up sleeves civvies version) and supergluing pegs, but his thick wrists would've required sanding to match the tech's sleeve cuffs. As a last resort I went with painting. Matching skin tones always gives me fits, and this time was typically horrible. My first handful of tries dried too light, with a pallid gray result. Eventually, I went heavy on "leather" and got a tone I could live with. I've read that "acrylics dry darker" but that has not been my experience, especially with skin tones. Should have sanded the casting flash from the hands, too... Another item added to my "eventually get around to" list.

    Last is the Emperor:

    Body: multipack LC Emperor
    Head, hands, hood: 5POA Emperor from Emperor/Jedi Luke/ERG three-pack
    Robe: TVC Darth Sidious

    Fairly basic -- Trimmed the hood from the 5POA robe with an X-acto and cleaned up the edges with sandpaper. Cut a slit up the front of the robe, stopping near the top so the robe appears fastened by the hood's "clasp." Trimmed the hands' wrist pegs. That's it!

    Although I can swap out the hands for the "lightning" versions, I'll build another version with the lightning and snarling face. Just need to track down another Darth Sidious robe.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Those all look great, especially how different each spacer looks.

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    You are now the king of cantina spacer dudes. Seriously good work here my friend. When I saw a new update, I went, OOOOhhh!, kind of like in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back when Jay hears Goodbye Horses (from Silence of the Lambs for those unfamiliar with the tune), put on some chapstick, mock-tucked my junk and did a little dance. I'd customize these. I'd customize these so hard.......

    But seriously, these are fantastic. Keep rollin' 'em out.

    Edit: I'll do some digging, maybe I can find that Emperor's robe you're needing, will PM with search results. he about a size 14?
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    Roomy through the hips?

    But seriously, thanks for the comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Six View Post

    These guys look like they have the right stuff. :-) Excellent work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montross View Post
    These guys look like they have the right stuff. :-) Excellent work!
    From this day forward, the gray and silver spacers will be known as "Alan B" and "Gus." Thanks.

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    The use of the Mutt shins is a great idea. I have one of those figures and was wondering what I could the legs for. Now I know. Thanks.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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    Thanks, but I'm far from the first to think of this parts combo. Off the top of my head I know that Jodo and Customs for the Kid have done versions of this guy. Probably more that I've seen but can't remember right now.

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    I love the hood “clasp” effect. And even though it’s hard to see in pics, Bodhi’s skin tones seem to match perfectly!
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