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Thread: AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

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    AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead: AMC Announces New Companion / Spinoff Series - IGN

    I hope it's good and that we get see winter in this series
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    Heh...I was about to post this here - in The Walking Dead thread. Not sure if this needs it's own thread.

    I'm really not happy about this spin off development. Not. One. Bit.
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    Man, I thought you'd be REAL psyched about that!

    I have faith in AMC. Like, I believe Agents of Shield will suck because big network shows are corny and lame. But a TWD spinoff from AMC sounds a lot more promising...
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    I'm with Beek on this one. I don't want things to get overexposed. Too much of a good thing sometimes isn't a good thing. I will give it a try, but I am not holding my breath.

    Maybe this is a way to move away from the original show and make a move to the big screen? Who knows . . .
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    Everything is working perfectly AS IS!!! Just can't get excited about this.
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    I'd rather have more new episodes of the current series sooner then spend the resources on a spin-off.
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    I have a feeling they would air this new series during the breaks the original takes, that way AMC can keep getting those high ratings year round.

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    I am excited but very sacred about this. I agree it could be a very good choice or could suck something terrible. I do think it would be better the way it is. I have high hopes from Robert because if anyone can do it, it's him. I guess only time will tell.
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    It really depends, to me, on the "hook" they use to explain the basis for a new show. If it's simply another group of survivors doing similar things to the current WD crew... then it could be hard to get the casual fans involved and would risk wearing people out since they'd be seeing essentially the same things over and over again. As new characters are introduced in the current series - casual fans could feel "out of the loop" if another series starts and they start losing track of who's who.

    To me they need to do something unique - like maybe following a medical team holed up somewhere trying to develop a cure or something (without it feeling like a copy of WWZ) or even a military unit.

    Clearly in a the world where WD exists there are many many others dealing with the outbreak so they can tell plenty of stories that don't affect the existing WD storyline... but it just seems like it would be too much "we've already seen this" if it's just another group encountering zombies and evil survivors. I'd almost rather see them do one-off episodes where you follow single stories that wrap up within the hour - similar to the webisodes where we watched what took place in the storage unit, or how the female half-zombie Rick encountered came to be. Those little single story episodes would augment the existing series vs. potentially watering things down.

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    I've said it before, but I want another group, in New York or somewhere with snow in the winter. Add the challenge of surviving in nature to the "undead hunting you" aspect.

    I'm referring to rural, like the current series, but you could also do Manhattan and the challenge of the city. We already saw what it would be like in Atlanta, but do you want to risk being trapped in the tunnels to escape New York?

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