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Thread: AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by pohatu771 View Post
    I've said it before, but I want another group, in New York or somewhere with snow in the winter. Add the challenge of surviving in nature to the "undead hunting you" aspect.

    I'm referring to rural, like the current series, but you could also do Manhattan and the challenge of the city. We already saw what it would be like in Atlanta, but do you want to risk being trapped in the tunnels to escape New York?
    That would be cool to see!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SWDave View Post
    That would be cool to see!

    I agree that would be something interesting to see. I'd like to see it in Indiana called night of the living corn.
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    i just worry they will kill off daryl and then give the dixon brothers a prequel show.

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    It's going to be like CSI or NCIS. We'll have WD New York, WD LA, WD Miami.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coz View Post
    It's going to be like CSI or NCIS. We'll have WD New York, WD LA, WD Miami.
    Too much. I hope it doesn't follow that formula.
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    I'd like this new series to have more of a macro-view of this post-apocalyptic world. Even in the comics we know virtually nothing about it. Kirkman keeps his characters extremely uncurious about this & other huge questions about the current state of the world. If it doesnt progress or transmit any new knowledge or comes off as an also-ran copy cat series, then AMC is doing nothing but attempting a money grab. In fact there are already signs thag the network is starting to run scared & out of fresh ideas. Prequel to BB, dragging out Mad Men's last season over 2 years to 2015, and pretty much all their other original scripted shows are failing to find an audience or critic appeal... Makes me think this move might be out of desperation more than any great creative revelation. Additionally, what director/producer of quality wants to run a Walking Dead series where the network has replaced 3 show runners in 4 seasons? Will hope for the best but wont be expecting much.
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    I didn't realize The Walking Dead was a George Romero series where we see the same thing happening over and over to different groups of people. I can understand that they changed the title somewhat, because Walking Of The Dead doesn't sound as snappy.

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    Just popped into my mind. Maybe they try to convert the Telltale Adventures to the screen...

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    Walking Dead Spinoff Working Title and First Casting Revealed

    The first two actors cast for AMC's Walking Dead spinoff/companion series have been revealed, as well as the working title for the show for the time being - Cobalt.
    Deadline reports that British actor Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Into the Storm's Alycia Debnam Carey have joined the spinoff pilot as the "former druggie" son, Nick, and "ambitious" daughter, Ashley, of one of the show's main characters - a female guidance counselor named Nancy.

    Cobalt takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a different location. It revolves around Nancy and a divorced teacher named Sean.

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