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Thread: AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

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    Heck, Dwight is my favorite character on FTWD now
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    The characters on this show get out of jams so easily. All Alicia needs to avoid radiation is a shower. All the gang needs to get their old warehouse back is wait until the guy that stole it politely leaves. Out of gas? No problem, there is a car behind a tree. Kids don't want to leave their home? Whoops home is invaded by zombies, so now they have to leave. Everything works out for them.

    And Morgan even gets to keep his dumb stick. It was silly to see him looking so happy at having that dumb stick back at the end of the episode.

    No one makes any hard choices on this show. They just make dumb ones, and use the power of positive thinking to get out of whatever pickle they got themselves stuck in.

    This show is the antithesis of what it was before the new show runners took over.

    And the show was renewed for Season 6.
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    Yeah it's a dumb show. The characters are interesting, and that is what keeps me coming back, but the plots are silly. Like they're going to fix a crashed plane without a garage in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Come on now. How many sharks are they going to jump? The nuclear meltdown plot was interesting but not nearly developed enough. Besides, if that plant does melt down completely, pretty much all of Texas is left uninhabitable. Haven't they watched Chernobyl?

    We've been watching a lot of Knight Rider lately, and those plots are silly, Basically in the last 10 minutes Michael uses Turbo Boost to stop the bad guy and every thing is good again. These plots aren't that far off.
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