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Thread: AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentClaret View Post
    Fear was so good in it's third season, and they trashed the whole show over the fourth. I no longer bother watching either TWD, call it the Gimple effect.

    The comic is still great, though!

    Hahaha.. "The Gimple Effect". I hear you, I said it ever since Darabont (he was so good) left.. Gimple is such a little weasely p r i c k.. can not stand him. I get the feeling he probably took care of all his boys, saw the show was so successful and wanted to get credit for it, which just ran the show into the ground. I still watch, but man oh man.. let this be a lesson that when something is good and it's working to just leave it alone, and try not to bring all the "Hollywood crew" into the mix so they can destroy it all.
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    i wouldnt have minded season 4, i was fine with it other than the villain lady. she wasnt intimidating or scary and she had the like slasher film villain ability to always know where they were and what they are doing and just show up, she was really irritating me. i actually liked the early seasons of TWD when they were just wandering around trying to survive and they didnt have some main badguy hassling them and messing with them.
    im sort of surprised they didnt just make a spin off where Morgan just wanders around coming in and out of people lives a la the incredible hulk, highway to heaven, route 66, kung fu, etc...

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    No thoughts on the season premiere? I just watched it last night. Interesting set up. Hope this season is a bit of a bounce back since last season was a bit of a letdown compared to season 3.

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    I was reading that the people that took Al were associated with the Helicopter people that took Rick to the great dumpster in the sky.

    That commercial they keep showing with the bright colors and showy music makes the show look like a total joke. Not sure what they were thinking when they cut that thing together.

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    I didn't comment on last weeks premier which was horrible and now this past episode was just meh...of course we get no further info on AL this week of the person/ or people who took her. I am interested because of the circle logos / Rick connection. That's about it though. I thought I was watching an episode of Chernobyl last night....except that show was actually really good.

    As for that commercial....WTF was that? It look like a bad super hero show that the CW would show or something like that.
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    wow......just wow 1 bullet, 2 zombies...1 axe = shark has been jumped.

    -Alicia runs over board with nails in the road, knows Morgan and others might be coming that way....leaves board with nails in the road...
    -back window in vehicle that Dwight is stuck in is blown out, no zombies try to get in that way at all...
    -more weather related Zombies...oh a dust storm...haven't used that weather condition yet across either show....
    -roof won't support Dwight/John and June, after Dwight and John get down June proceeds to just run the entire length of it with no trouble...
    -Dwight's been looking for Sherry for awhile now and when they tell him the people are all dead where that car came from, he NOW wants to kill himself....
    -So Morgan says him and Dwight are from the same place...big deal, I honestly can't even remember if those two interacted on the other show or tension here at all
    -So the kids are behind these roadblocks/walker heads/walkers tied up thing...yawn

    I'm seriously at a loss for words on how dumb this show has become...
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    Yeah.. it's still not good. I'm intrigued about what is inside that zone, and pretty much only watching for that.
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    My favorite moment last night was when John was telling Dwight how dark and edgy he is for shooting a guy's pinky off, and Dwight's just sitting there keeping his mouth shut about all the f'ed up things he did on The Walking Dead.

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    I liked seeing Dwight again, he's a good victim then villain then redemption case, and the actor plays him well. But yeah, the splitting bullet was terrible. John's a great character, and I like this peek into his sharpshooting past career, but the writers should not have written in that trick shot
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