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    Also, the Stormtrooper shown at CE II was displayed with what appears to be IG-88's rifle.

    I'd definitely pick him and any of the bounty hunters up.
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    I can only imagine how kickas* this figure would be. Count me in for wanting one.
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    The Doomsday Clock nears midnight on the Hasbro SW line...

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    I'm in. However, I'm a little concerned about him fitting in the box.
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    ^ Lol let Hasbro worry about that!

    I will take any bounty hunters Hasbro throws at me, but Bossk and IG88 are essential.
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    I'm cherry picking form this line but TESB Bounty Hunters would be definite pickups.

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    -Definately a must-buy if this is true! Hopefully we can get a Zukuss in the near future, too!

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    It would be amazing but I bet the legs would have to be able to raised and lowered like the 12" Hasbro one.
    A bigger box for just him would be ascetically crapola for the line as a whole...
    Bossk is a must.

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    This really would be a fantastic figure at 6", no doubt - let's hope this becomes more than a rumour! I'd be more excited for Bossk, but IG-88 will do just fine!
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