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    Went to two Walmarts this afternoon and found the same Vintage wave 10 that have been there for a year and a half. They were moved to another aisle and the the new sort sheets wer hanging all over the place. I have yet to see the 3.75 in here.

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    No 3.75" tags at my (non-Super) Walmart. The only Star Wars items in that aisle are lightsabers and there's no space for figures on either side of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesus View Post
    No 3.75" tags at my (non-Super) Walmart. The only Star Wars items in that aisle are lightsabers and there's no space for figures on either side of them.
    My local Walmarts were all resetting their toy aisles today. I finally hit pay dirt at the last one I went to that's within a 1/2 hour from me, and got my elusive Ceremony Luke. Done till Octoberish unless I find extra money for 6".
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    At another Walmart across town I found two pick over cases. Both Luke's were gone, and if I don't find him before Labor day I will go online. Got Padme, Biggs, Vader, and Annie. Left the clones, maybe I might get some later. I will not be buying the scout as i don't have an extra bike, and my VTSC ones are good enough just to stand around.

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    My local Walmart had pegs ready to go for The Black Series earlier this week and for some reason they were marked as clearance for 7 bucks. I figured I'd give them a few days to sort it out so I went back this morning before work and the reset is done with no Star Wars section at all. Not looking good for finding anything there but luckily the Walmart closer to my work also finished the reset and had one single case on the pegs so I was able to snag Luke and Vader. Had a buddy grab me a Biker Scout and Biggs from Toys R Us a couple weeks back so I have everything I want from wave 1. I pre-ordered both waves of the 6" line from BBTS so I'm gonna stick to doing that for those figures since it seems like they'll be harder to find.

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    My local Wal-Mart got these yesterday. I'm going back today to pick a few up. I'll snap a picture and most it later.

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    expecting to see these any day now at my local Walmart. they did a reset and have 6 pegs set aside for Black Series, 4 for Mission Series, and 4 for Legends. they also had a self tag for the 6" series as well.
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    Nothing but empty pegs at all Walmarts in my area . On the bright side, they did at least allocate some pegs for them now. For a while Star Wars had all but been eliminated from the planogram.
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    Found the 3.75" this morning at my Wal-Mart. Picked up Padme and Biggs.
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