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    -It's not everywhere, I've seen Walmarts with new figures (albiet the 5 POA ones ) and some like yours that seem to have given up. So don't lose hope just yet

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    Two stores in the Philadelphia, PA metro area that I have visited have done their resets and are missing an area for Star Wars: East Norriton(Norristown) and Audubon/Trooper.
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    My closest Walmart got in at least a case of TBS last week. This morning they were all gone. I take it as a good sign.

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    I've only seen this Black Series in a couple Walmarts so far. Bought Padme this morning.

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    We've got SW figures at our walmart here. Black series and saga. No 6" pegs though.
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    I saw 3.75 BS at Toyrus in Savannah, saw the same at Target, and Target also had left overs of the 6 BS, but I am not buying them for $20. Picked up a few 3.75 from Toysrus including Padme. Nothing yet at Walmart here.

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    Yeah, that's how mine is too. Very disappointed they won't be carrying the 6" line.
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    My Walmart has the new figures, minus the 6" line. I won't be collecting the 6" line, so I actually prefer that they're not there.
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    Yea I've been seeing lots of the black series where I'm at, not so many 6" but Wal-Mart has them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathbymonkeys View Post
    We've got SW figures at our walmart here. Black series and saga. No 6" pegs though.
    Same here in Ohio.
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