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    Just an update on the store with the shady toy manager. Those 3 cases came in and they were all Ponda, Boba, Sandtrooper, and Tusken. Crazy. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever see TLJ wave. They're either hiding somewhere in the depths of the Walmart warehouses, or still sitting at a factory in China.

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    I might make a short trip to Walmart tomorrow since im going to be out of town for a family christmas get together. If I even see a buttload of Imperial Royal Guards or at least a bunch of the new Elite something guards of Last Jedi then Ill buy at least 2 or 3 royal guards.

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    Yeah, i wish that butt load was the Praetorian Guard! No offense, but I've got my fill or ERG's at this point. At last now people can build their Armies though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGJIM View Post
    One butt load =

    Saw a similar display at a Wal-mart in my city yesterday. Lots of Death Trooper & ERG's. Unfortunately no Scaiff Troopers and lots of Ahsoka/Lando/Ackbar. DTs & ERGs will eventually disappear, rest will be there FOREVER! Maybe a little helpful info for any looking for these in your own Wal-marts... I found this display in main aisle near office/party supplies, not in the toy dept.
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    Is there anyone here in Canada who has the 411 on The Last Jedi wave at Wal-Mart? Most of the stores I’ve been to don’t seem to have gotten any Star Wars stock since a Force Friday. It’s like a dessert out there

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    There were only two Scarif Stormtroopers at the Walmart here, and I got one of them, so now there's only one.
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    Looks like the flood gates have opened on the ERG wave. This just proves Walmart should not be allowed to handle an exclusive line. Distribution was so bad that now they are sending huge quantities to stores. These figures are from three or four waves ago! At full retail these will take forever to clear out. Two years from now, we will finally see TLJ red boxes show up.

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    At least people will/should be able to get them. I'm curious though if Walmart does this on purpose, so that those 3rd part sellers get fist dibs on sales?
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    Posted this in a different thread, but the WalMarts here in B.C. have these figures for $7 and change. Not sure if it's an error or a sale. Was able to get a couple Lukes, a Rose, and the Prat guard for about $34 CDN, which is like $27 US. Pretty much a steal.
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