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Thread: Wal Mart

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    Aside from Angry Birds crap and those cheapo 12" figures, none of the Walmarts in my area have gotten any new Star Wars merchandise for over a year now. They're all still suffocating under piles of Discover the Force Ep1 figures.
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    Two local WalMarts by me have done their resets and all that's hanging where TBS (3 3/4) should be are about 10+ DTF figs and the occasional TVC Qui-Gon.

    No tags for the 6" figs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sybeck1 View Post
    TPM/DTF reflux?
    Yep, havent gotten anything new since TPM 3D came out and the biggest part of that line was crap anyway. Looks like i will be having to order the black series online.

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    My (non-Super) Wal-Mart not only doesn't have tags for 6", but for any 3-3/4". Just FX and non-FX lightsabers.

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    I've only had one WM complete the reset and according to the paper thing, I don't think they'll be carrying the 6"
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    After seeing Wal Mart is not carrying the 6" line. I went strait to BBTS to order wave 2. These things will be impossible to find on the shelves.
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    Considering that the only retail store in my town big enough to carry the 6" line is Walmart, looks like I might have to order on line too.
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    Thank God I finally got myself in a position where I can order online. I NEED that R2 and WalMart is pretty much the only game in town for toys in my area.

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    Wouldnt surprise me if wal mart eventually did away with toys period. Toy department is constantly getting smaller and smaller and they are getting less new things. During the TAC days i could find any new figure but even since the vintage collection wal mart has not carried many new things.

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    It wouldn't surprise me either. But Wal Mart dropping the toy department entirely would probably really hurt the toy industry so I'd hate to see it happen.

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