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Thread: Sarlacc Pit(2/5update)

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    Sarlacc Pit(2/5update)

    I decided to give this a try. Anyway here is the first couple of pics:

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Whoa, that is really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing this one progress.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    I beg you... MAKE A MOLD! I am sure that several people, myself included, will want a copy of this.

    I made a pit of Carkoon several years ago from the styrofoam packaging of a dome-shaped lamp that my mother bought off of QVC... its inverted sloping surface was perfect. I painted it and then used spray-mount adhesive to coat it with real sand. It's huge and will support two Skiffs and plenty of figures.

    I even made a handful of poseable tentacles for the central hole, by dipping the twist-ties that came with the TRU TIE Interceptor into mold-making latex and letting it dry.

    But I never actually made a Sarlacc. This would be perfect.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Excellent as usual! Your sculpting skills are excellent. I love how you went to the trouble of making a tongue. Can't wait to see more.
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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    I agree with everyone else, excellent work!
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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Good job on the Sarlacc sculpt.
    In the second pic it reminded me of the Sandworms from DUNE. If your going to mass produce them would be a simple and cheap conversion. cheers

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Wow this looks fantastic! I think the pit is a bit small in proportion, but that's not a nitpick - just an observation. I'd love to see something like like this released... this is easily one of the best pieces I've seen on the boards in my 6+ years here.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Ah! He's at it again!
    Great work so far!
    About the proportions, am I right assuming those rows of teeth are only the bottom ones and you still have to stack up several rows on top of them?

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Outstanding! The detail is just amazing, keep up the great work.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I thought the teeth rings looked a little small in porportion to the head and your feedback seems to be along the same lines so I will make some more rings on top. I was hoping to get away with 3 those suckers are time comsuming. I think if I add a couple more it should look better. Again thanks for all the ideas and feedback it really helps a lot!

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