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Thread: Handmade Trash Compactor Set diorama

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    Handmade Trash Compactor Set diorama

    Thanks to NiubNiub ( and Pyrto I got the inspiration of doing my own trash compactor diorama.
    Two special features: I used real lights for the backdoor and in the ceiling. The lamps are lego bricks. The result is stunning when switched on!

    For the hull, I used a ready made wooden box. The two parts fitted in loosly. Therefor I added small strips for pressure so they fitted supertight.
    On the top and back I build a layer for the two lamps, ordinary ones that go on socket power. I hate battery supported lights, for you never use them for a long time.
    To filter the rather white light of the lamp, I gave it a yellow filter. That worked the best in the end, for a red filter dulled everything.
    Finally I gave the wood a mahonie brown wash for a classy effect.

    All of the rest is wood or layers of cardboard (like the round door of the entrance).
    I painted the lot with acrylics.
    Of course I painted the figures as well to make them look more dirty. The high gloss varnish finished the ‘’wet look’’ of the parts. I was quite surprised at how much detail came forward when doing the two bases.

    Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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    that is an excellent build and a great set up, well done!
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    looks great, especially with the lights!!

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    Awesome build, absolutely one of the best I've seen in a while

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    Nice work, the lights really make it look great.

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    Absolutely sick looking man!! I'm super impressed with how good that looks.
    You should shoot it on a tripod, shutter delayed with the other lights off in the would look totally real.
    Send it to me, I'll shoot it in studio and won't even charge you for shooting it...I'll just forget your return address...
    Totally awesome...inspiring!

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    Wow, absolutely amazing! Nicely done!
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    awsome dio
    My collection
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    Wow that's pretty dang cool!
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