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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Guests

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    I'd love to see the new actors whomever they may be :-) Also gotta figure that Star Wars Rebels comes out in 2014 right? I imagine we will see some of the voice talent from that show as well.

    Should be a good mix!
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    If Ford goes and signs, they need to do a preorder for his sig, with a limit of one per badge.

    It would be nice for him to at least show up for the Main long as they use that massive arena they have.
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    Yea they would definitely have to limit it to 1 per if it were even a remote possibility.
    But if he does show, honestly would think it would be a mob scene! Lol
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    Cast: anyone from any of the movies old or upcoming, who have a speaking role and whom we haven't seen at previous Celebrations.
    Crew: someone in the same league as Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren or Lorne Peterson - but NEW ones.
    Though after the disappointment of CEII, I will have to see to believe.
    At CEII I was told Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson and Christopher Lee had been asked. It just doesn't cut it when they fall through.

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    I'm hoping David Prowse will be there. As well, I'd love Ken Colley (met him at CIV) to sign my ESB poster. Got Billy Dee at the PhoenixCon already. I'm still a fan of cast and crew from the original movies over the prequels or TV.

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    I'm sure it will be an even split between the old and new, and that's incredibly exciting. With the new movie coming out just weeks after, can you imagine the new photos, posters, and books we'll be able to get signed at Anaheim? It will be the first great opportunity to start multi-projects with the new cast and get the returning cast on new images. And to meet them all in person right before Ep. VII? Priceless.

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    Ford, would be awesome!!

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    If its any of the voice actors of the new stuff or C7 cast, id be cancelling my trip. No offense to anyone that would enjoy it but not for me.

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    Having Prowse brought back into the fold would be a nice gesture for the con and the fans!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holla300 View Post
    If its any of the voice actors of the new stuff or C7 cast, id be cancelling my trip. No offense to anyone that would enjoy it but not for me.
    Well, if you got a VIP Badge, let me know and I'll buy it off of you because if C2 abd C3 are any indication, I'm guessing it will be close to 50% guests from Episode VII. I too would love to see some new guests from the OT or even the PT, but to think, or hope there won't be anyone from the... ST(?) is useless.
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