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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Art

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    So Brian Rood and Katie Cook def sold out. How's Trevas and Vanderstelt looking?
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    Did anyone go to the McQuarrie booth? I saw some non Star Wars signed prints listed as A/P and hand numbered to single digits (I got a couple numbered to 3) for dirt cheap in one of the boxes. I asked the guy if he knew that there were Artists Proofs in the box with signed pieces and he said he didn't know, and that he hadn't looked in them. Assuming they are actually signed McQuarrie Artists Proofs for $30 seems like a heck of a deal....almost too good.

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    Anyone know where to find star tot artist Jason Peltz?

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    I got Malcolm Tweens celebration exclusive print, he had 250, just 16 left for the show.
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    Was lucky to score one of the Leia lithos (the Rebel) at the store. Craig Drake was at the Acme booth and signed. He advised that the Leia litho was limited to 100.

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    Picked up all prints. Acme booth has been hopping for the last 3 days. Thank goodness I brought my own shipping tubes since you can't find them anywhere on the floor. Jerry has been graciously packing in sturdy square boxes for customers. Lawrence Noble is also next to Tom Hodges on the floor and has a killer Flash Gordon theatrical poster that he is signing.

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    I'm so glad the ACME art alley has been running smoothly since CIII, I had no problems and there were not crazy crowds. It's interesting though that the area seemed empty since half the artists bought their own booths. I wish the artists in the ACME area had more sketches, artist cards and other work available for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrawnLover View Post
    I wish the artists in the ACME area had more sketches, artist cards and other work available for sale.
    Well, with ACME getting a cut of everything they do within that area, I don't blame them one bit for only selling their show print.
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    I have a Brian Rood Celebration VI print, Artist Proof, that I'm willing to trade. Preferably, I would like a Brian Rood CV print (AP or otherwise), but I am open to any offers by any other artists.
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