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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Exclusives

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramy View Post
    How much were they?
    These where $60
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    If anyone is interested in selling or trading any of the cards or card sets from Topps at Celebration, let me know. I have patches, pins, buttons, etc.

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    Longshot, but here it goes.
    I'm looking for the badge set, I have the complete set of the bounty hunters patch set to include the Darth Vader volunteer patch and an R2KT Hot Wheels to trade.
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    Anybody have a medium Rebels Crew Jacket that they would be willing to trade for a large? I was only able to get the large at the store, but would have really preferred a medium.

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    Looking for the character pins... Have tons of vintage SW to trade... Please email me at or find me on Facebook... I'm in Elgin, Illinois. Can't figure out how to post pics here and a frequent here less than the other option.

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