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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Costumes

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    Celebration Anaheim: Costumes

    With the amount of lead time on this show, everyone should have plenty of days to get their prized costume done and ready to show off to Star Wars fans from all over the world! What will you be appearing as in Anaheim?
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    I'll be taking my armor for sure! I plan to bring Captain DeadMau5 out of retirement for this.
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    i'm gonna be the baddest mofo in the galaxy, me. I'll be wearing black nikes, black socks, grey ****ies, a black duck commander shirt and an EVS Sports hat! booyah! haha

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    I finally might be ready to finish my Mandalorian. Just need to stop procrastinating!!!

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    As with my artists print post, I hope there are screen shots/trailers released that we can see new costumes to begin working on far enough ahead of time.

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    Oh, there WILL be a costume. I'm in the process of growing out my hair and beard to match Ewan's in RotS.
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    I am with the 501st Bast Alpha Garrison and the Rebel Legion Dagobah Base. I will probably bring my TK armor and Wedge Antilles X-Wing Pilot attire. Would love to bring all my armor and costumes but those 2 are my favorites.

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    I will bring the Emperor and Vader for me and the deathstar trooper for my wife.
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    Jedi and ICMG for me. Not bringing armor.
    It's refreshing packing light for this trip.
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