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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Tickets

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    I have two 1-day Park Hopper tickets to Disneyland I would like to sell for $100 each. The discounted price through Celebration for these tickets is $142, so you'd be saving $84 on the pair.

    I'm willing to sell them individually if you're only looking for one.

    I am flying in Sunday night April 12 and can meet up to exchange the tickets for cash Sunday night or Monday morning if you're there. Alternately you could send the money via PayPal and I can e-mail you the ticket attachment and you can print them yourself. I've been a forum member for almost 15 years and I'm sure some of the other longtime members can vouch for my trustworthiness.

    My g/f and I were planning to go for a day before the convention, but she can't fly out until Wednesday now, so we're only going to be able to go in the evening, and only to DL. I'd like to recoup some of my expense, which I'll put towards two of the cheaper 1-Park Twilight Tickets.

    There's nothing on the tickets that indicates you have to show ID, so there should be no problem with someone else using them. Please let me know if you're interested.

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    Sorry, I forgot to include the price for the 4 day adult pass that I have for sale. I'm looking for $100.00 for it. I can meet you at Celebration to complete the sale starting on April 15.

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    Bump... Still hoping to sell the 4 day adult pass for $100.00.

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    I'm looking to go one day. Any day. Two people. Can anyone hook it up?
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