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Thread: Celebration Anaheim: Who's Going?

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    I was pretty clear that they had not figured out the queueing procedure for the opening ceremony. Like ISDAvenger said the lines were wonky. There was no clear design as to which lines were sent in first and where they ended up. I got in line at 730 and was surrounded by people who had spent the night. It was a mess and people got screwed.
    Well, I was in line around 3:30pm Friday afternoon. I'm not upset you got to walk right in, I'm happy you didn't need to sleep on the ground, it's not conducive to a good nights rest!! I'm really not upset. I made many new friends during the time I spent in line. We had a lot of fun. We had pizza for JJ/KK. Though I will say, at 52, I don't have too many more nights of sleeping on concrete left in me. Things hurt the next day that I didn't know could hurt!
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    Did the arena ever completely fill? Did they turn any away from the overflow rooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MannieBothans View Post
    Did the arena ever completely fill? Did they turn any away from the overflow rooms?
    This is just my impression, but I don't think the arena was completely full. I saw a lot of empty seats on the extreme sides of the 300 sections. I myself got in line at 4am and ended up in the 300 section (a volunteer escorted us that way). I heard that other people (besides the one already mentioned above) who didn't show up until after 7am got to go in the first lines due to how they made everyone stand up when they issued wristbands and so those huge lines ended up with all that space at the end, so they filled it with latecomers.

    By comparison, the JAT/Hamill panel on Saturday was totally full (I heard they capped that line around 2 hours before its 6pm start time). I didn't see any empty seats at that one. That was the one that upset me because I got in the queue at 1:30 because I wanted a floor seat for that one. But when we got moved to that area with the numbered tape strips on the floor, they let the later lines along the wall go in before me (a volunteer lead them around to the other entrance and all those people took the floor seats on the right side...they did the same thing during the Anthony Daniels panel the night before). So I ended up in the 200 sections for that. Personally, I don't think any of the lines for any panel in the arena I went to between Thursday and Saturday were fair.

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    I went. Whatever its worth.... :-P
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