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Thread: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - April 16-19, 2015

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    got spoiled with consecutive celebrations in my back yard... oh well, were headin to Anaheim! Its all good, it will be back in Orlando and the peeps in Anaheim will boo hoo as well when it happens. no biggie! BTW thank you for the local map... time to get general ideas on hotel prices!
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    it is what it is!

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    Wahoo!!!! Can't wait to be back at Celebration!

    Although, it does seem a bit early for tickets to go on sale -- nearly two years in advance!

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    Sad that it's still 2 years (almost) away but super happy for Anaheim. About time it comes back to the best I mean west coast! Hopefully this means they have plans for Star Wars Weekends at Disneyland as well.

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    I'm from the East but I'll hopefully get the time off and funds to fly over for a good time!
    Star Wars IS Forever!
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    I'm glad it's 2015. VII should line up with Episode VII (as the first three did), plus I plan on going to SDCC next year and can't really afford to fly to California twice in one summer.

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    I will be there. Really looking forward to it!
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    I'll be there, California love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorPalpitate View Post
    Yes!!! This is awesome news. Couldn't have picked a better location. Will be fun to watch all the smug FL and east coast peeps whine and moan now. That's right, it's our turn now, suckas!! lol
    No whining here... Jersey boy with a credit card and nearby airport... Celebration to celebrate a new movie!!! Can't get better than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spudmanski View Post
    I appreciate the timing because of the movie release but this is again during the school year. The August ones we after the start of the school year in my area and now this is before the end.

    So much for the idea of being for the whole family.
    CI, CII, CIII, CIV... not many issues with attendance or kids present... Actually, more of an attendance drop off noticed when the Celebrations started in Orlando.

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