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Thread: Han Solo & Chewbacca - Mission Series MS07

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorPalpitate View Post
    Good lord, that Chewie is an abomination. I honestly think I saw something similar in my toilet bowl this morning.
    Yeah, I can't think of a nice way to describe the shade of brown used on Chewbacca, but it does remind me of the results of some digestive issues I had a couple weeks back. I'm a bit disappointed in that and the amount of red used on his bandolier.

    Ah well, hopefully he will look better in person, but I will probably still buy this set for the Han figure.
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    Assuming those eyes are just a prototype mispaint, I am looking forward to buying this pack.
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    Nice sculpts, poor paint.

    This line could be great if the paint matched the sculpts!
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    Love Han and his blaster. Best looking Han since the VOTC one, IMO. Chewbacca needs some work done, but I trust he'll look great by the time he's released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stylie_steve View Post
    Nice sculpts, poor paint.

    This line could be great if the paint matched the sculpts!
    Hasbro's prototype and slideshow paint apps are horribly inconsistent. You just can't take them as a representation of the final product. The Vintage Collection stuff shown at SDCC 2010 comes to mind.

    Check out some of the other paint jobs on this display:; Star Wars Toy News Archive

    They were terrible, but the figures turned out really good in the end.

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    Call me crazy, but, like the other vintage honks, I'm totally diggin' the return of five point articulation. These look MUCH better in the showroom pics on the front page. Han, R2 and the Stormtrooper look 100% awesome.

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    This set looks surprisingly promising, with the Han of course being much better than the Chewbacca at this point. I too was struck by how closely the proportions remind me of the VOTC Han figure.
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    The chin scar is outstanding:

    Rebelscum Star Wars Photo Archive

    And Chewie looks much, much better (IMO) in the RS floor photos. Looks awesome and truly Kenner-ish, in fact:

    Rebelscum Star Wars Photo Archive

    That's how critical a good photographer is.

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    Yep. Best Han 3 3/4 sculpt to date. Glad we're not dealing with ball jointed necks anymore.

    Also, looks like they have the scale between Han and Chewy just about perfect. That a relief

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