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Thread: Life-Size Jumbo Vintage Kenner Stormtrooper Statue

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    Life-Size Jumbo Vintage Kenner Stormtrooper Statue

    This Stormtrooper is the first in a whole series of new Life-size statues. It's articulated just like the original vintage figure and is made of fiberglass with a removable blaster. Darth Vader will be coming as well complete with a vinyl cape and telescoping lightsaber! These will ship assembled in a crate.

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    Cool...but crazy.

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    Curious that there's a "series" and I wonder what that entails. There simply can't be a market for them to make more than a handful... not enough people have the space. I could probably talk myself into a Vader and Stormy and definitely an R2 if the price is right. But even then... probably could only swing one of the three just due to space limitations.

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    I would be very tempted with an R2, but I know these will be at an ultra premium price.

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    wow. pretty unexpected and cool.
    will probably never be able to afford, but
    am curious to know the price

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    And I thought the 12" took up alot of room This is awesome!
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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    Farmboy Luke!!!! :-)
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    I want that blaster. Holy smokes.

    Can they just make the weapons?

    The short list I would consider:

    Artoo Detoo

    And, of course, a scaled, motorized Patrol Dewback to drive to work.

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