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Thread: Celebration Europe II - Survival Guide

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    Celebration Europe II - Survival Guide

    We are proud to bring our readers another full-blown Star Wars Celebration Survival Guide. This time, the party is in Germany from July 26-28 and we are your one-stop-shop for all things Celebration Europe II including Convention Collectibles, Celebrities, Event Schedules, Airlines & Transportation, a Dining Guide, Hotels and more!

    Some of the sections are waiting for updates as certain information hasn't be released yet, but keep checking back as we will be adding more info leading up to the show.

    Click here to view the guide!
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    So, something I don't really see in the survival guide, or anywhere else for that matter...

    Will fans be able to pay for things in dollars, or only in euros? I'm not talking about food or things outside the convention. I'm talking about things we buy from vendors, the CEII store, the artists, etc.

    Anyone know?
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    Move along - wrong post
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    My tip for the next Celebration Europe Survival Guide is "Never fly Lufthansa"; I've literally flown all over the world but have never before experienced the level of sheer incompetence required to lose 20 people's luggage from a 1-hour direct flight.....

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    FS: Lots of luggage I collected from the airport.

    Seriously though that sucks. A guy I met from the US also had his luggage lost. It arrived at his hotel on Saturday evening though.
    My flight fortunately wasn't a problem each way.

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