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Thread: C-3PO McQuarrie Concept Mini Bust - 2013 SDCC Exclusive

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    C-3PO McQuarrie Concept Mini Bust - 2013 SDCC Exclusive

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    Looks great! I just hope it doesn't cost more than $100.

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    Well's there's only a regular box so probably $85 and then overpriced shipping.

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    I'm pretty excited for this but a little scared about price. I too hope this is under $100. Also why an ES of 1008?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyP View Post
    Great work, Chris.
    Dude! Didn't even think you were on Scum anymore....

    * Another great McQuarrie bust. See, I told you all one was coming this week!
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    Nice to see more from GG this year than from last SDCC.

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    Very nice. I love these McQuarrie busts - got to be some of my favourite things in my collection. Hopefully this will be more affordable.

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    I like it. It is probably my least favorite of the McQ busts, but I'll definitely still pick one up.

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