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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Forum Member Badges

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    Celebration Europe II: Forum Member Badges

    If you are joining us in Germany this summer for Star Wars Celebration Europe II and you want a personalized name badge, please post your screen name here!

    Note: This is ONLY for members that will be attending the convention and can pick up their own badge in person from the Official Pix Autograph Drop-Off Service booth. Badges will not be mailed or saved if you do not pick yours up.

    I will leave the window open until Friday, June 28th at 11:59pm. Any requests after this will not be honored.
    Convention Autographs & Internet Sales - Official Pix by C2 Ventures
    Administrator - The Registry
    Co-Founder - Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance
    President - Tampa Star Wars Club

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    Two separate badges, please, the second one is my girlfriend's one, thanks!!
    Last edited by razagul; 06-21-2013 at 11:05 AM. Reason: Added my gf :)
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Mrs Obi

    (2 separate badges please!)

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    Uncle Gundy

    In case of emergency, breakdance

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    Okay.Fine.You win.
    Now I'm going to enjoy my life while you are buried under a pile of plastic and cardboard.
    Big Barada

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    Please add "csirron" to the list & one for the wife "lsirron"


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    WTB: vader: proof, error/miscard,
    prototype/first shot, meccano 12/21 bk,
    clipper 12 bk, DT 12 bk, ...

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